Unfinished Business

by Lectro Dub

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Gancis Most of these sound good enough to be put on a playlist, so take a look if you are looking for something heavier. Favorite track: Turn Into You (demo).
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Reem There is so much potential here. Can't wait to see what you make in the future. Favorite track: King of Monsters (demo).
Lia (Cryoborg)
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Lia (Cryoborg) Oh Lord , This Album Is Just Amazing. Every Single Track On This Album Feels Worked On And Even Tough Sometimes Its Not Totally Polished , It Always Sounds Amazing. Favorite track: Do it by Yourself (demo).
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    Throughout the past year or so, I've created countless work-in-progress projects endlessly expecting myself to eventually finish them, yet to no avail. Album ideas, failed collabs, singles; Over 45+ tracks have been put together in this compilation of just about everything I hadn't released up to this date. I had expectations of myself set too high, and if I wasn't happy with the quality, it wasn't getting released yet. Perfectionism was my goal, and it became my crutch. So here it is --- 3 albums of incomplete works.
    Tracks 1-15 are the album "Wish Me Well", centered around the theme of depression, and a variety of feelings that come with it (anger, pain, envy, spite, sadness etc.). A lot of visual work was intended for this album, placed within a physical world based upon depression itself. Sadly I had neither the skill nor the resources to pull this off.
    Tracks 16-18 was planned as "Villain Tales", an EP focused on MLP villains (of which Body and Soul was originally planned alongside of.)
    19-35 were to be part of an unnamed electronic album. All tracks beyond that are singles or miscellaneous.
    Fans that download the full album will also receive 19 Bonus Tracks, including alternate versions of some tracks, as well as a document going into more detail about each track.
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Note: For some reason, all the lyrics I put into Bandcamp have the text "None" at the beginning of every one and I don't know how to fix it. Just know that it's definitely not part of the lyrics.


released February 11, 2017

Music by Lectro Dub
Artwork by Edge Loop



all rights reserved


Lectro Dub Pensacola, Florida

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Track Name: Nowhere to Go (demo)
I get
The feeling I don't belong
When they say
I'm always taking too long
And I'd put
the best of what I can do
It doesn't matter to you

I know
how worthless I really am
And every conversation
feels like a final exam
You constantly remind me
That I'm not pulling my weight
And keeping track of
Everything that I ate

Your words cut deeper than the scars and burns I take
I'll sleep forever cause I hate to be awake
The tension growing
Forever knowing
I'm not the person that you wanted me to be

I wish that I could end it all
(To end the pain and wipe myself off of the earth)
But I'm just too scared to take the fall
(And every day you let me know just what I'm worth)
I have to stay
When you want me away
Endure this every day
Cause I've got nowhere else to go

It hurts
When you think I didn't try
Cause I feel
Like I've been ready to die
Happiness is a dream
Inside I silently scream
Cause all of my self esteem
Has boiled down to nearly
Looking for the fastest way to hit the ground

I'm not a blessing I'm a consequence of fate
I hate my lack of skill and hate what I create
This world around me
Will not allow me
To take my time cause I'm not perfect from the start
Track Name: Can't Stay Here (demo)
Can't go, but I don't plan to stick around
Can't stay, cause my time here is running out
Hard times and I don't know what I can do
Feel free to encourage me to start anew

Can't think to myself cause I'm not okay
Don't speak, cause I don't care for what you say
I know where my faults are and so do you
Take time to support me while I improve

Hard to believe it was just like yesterday
There was nothing out of place and everything was okay
But it caught me by surprise, shoulda known it was too good
Now I'm held accountable for things I never understood
Track Name: Do it by Yourself (demo)
Each and every moment
Every day that passes by
An incompleted vision
Another project on the side

And as the days begin to number
The lack of effort makes its way
I'd like to write another verse here
But I've got nothing else to say

And I can't
Do this all
By myself
I just need
Someone else
Who can help

Who gives you trouble
Who makes a scene
Nothing will matter
I know you'll come back to me
Once there's a circle
There is a dream
Nothing is certain
No matter what you believe

I spend every day thinking I should really finish that
I keep losing interest and I cannot seem to get it back
Telling myself that I'm gonna get to it real soon
(Yeah sure)

I will never be there
So long as I keep this up
And I've got nobody to blame but myself

And I have
No idea
What to do
Still wish I
Had the drive
Just like you

I don't know why it's so much harder than before
I don't feel the passion anymore
But I sit here and stare
And I swear that I care
Cause I try to get somewhere every day
But I sleep my life away
Track Name: Know My Name (demo)
I've got no future living in the past
Window shopping through the glass
Guess the fame will never last

It's not like I can just forget about
the moment I was breaking out
And wish I wasn't fading out now

My life and energy have been replaced
With lethargy and out of place
Ideas that always go to waste

I've lost all claim to fame
Cause no one seems to know my name
Track Name: Come and Find Me (demo)
I'm not a stable person
You could look at me and tell
I don't have much to give
And nothing worth to sell

And all this time
Spent on doing nothing
I could create
But I just close my eyes

And when I wake
I stare out to nothing
The soul is wanting
But a part inside still dies

Try concealing
Hopeless feeling
Six feet down looks
So appealing
Still pretending
Pain unending
Stop defending
All this venting
This recession
To depression
Passing days with
no progression
People waiting
More delaying
Can't find something
Can't give up
But can't be risky
Can't help feel there's
something missing
Lost inside me
Like a zombie
Can somebody
Come and find me
Track Name: Jackie's Dreams (demo)
I found
A trending emotion
I found
A worthless design
Track Name: Turn Into You (demo)
A swarm that multiplies
We'll blacken out the skies
Time to say your goodbyes
We're infiltrating in disguise

Act like we'll be your friend
Hiding what we intend
Here's what we reccommend
Don't mind us while we play pretend

Feed on life
Feed on love
Take what fills our hunger
To survive
Stay alive
We're affection hunters
Gives away
Starts to fray
You're okay we swear

Don't try to run
Cause we're everywhere

Impersonate and feed
Cause your heart is all we need
Forfiet your faith and trust
Your love and your disgust
We'll turn you into us
As we turn into you

Hiding within plain sight
Wait 'til the time is right
Deposit love at night
Be back again before the light

You say we're parasitic
We say it's mutual
You'll still feel just as happy
Until your funeral

Feed on life
Feed on love
Take what fills our hunger
To survive
Stay alive
We're affection hunters
Gives away
Starts to fray
You're okay we swear

Don't try to run
Cause we're everywhere


Slightly misunderstood
I guess we're not so good
Come closer if you would
We'll gladly steal your livelihood
Track Name: King of Monsters (demo)
You want it
You got it
But you did nothing for it

You thought you
Destroyed it
But you cannot ignore it

I rise up
To conquer
I am the king of monsters

My magic
I'll have this darkness prosper

A fierce fire, a desire for the strength within
Never fails, I can tell you I'll be coming back again
Don't deny, don't you lie to yourself and try to hide
All the power from the hatred deep inside

I'm starting
to wonder
what rock you're living under

Morals and
Keep you from pushing further

Maybe I'm a freak of nature
And just a bit of brash behavior
The anger's been around
since I've been pushed under the ground
I'll bring this whole empire down
Before I let you take it

I am
Still here
I feel
Your fear
Sick dreams
Don't look
So scared

I am the King of Monsters
Track Name: Relinquish (demo)
Countless years spent locked away
Took a life I could save
Haunting fears I see at night
All the things I could've done right

I am darkness, I'm corruption
In the order, I'm disruption
You were graceful, you were holy
And your kindness was the reason

That I cry, in a dream
Cause I'm not, what I seem
I can hear you, I can feel you
every morning I awaken to a lie

It's cause of you
I can't get through
Reminding me
of what I do

I took your soul
Your home I stole
Now that you're gone
I've lost control
Track Name: Groot Beer (demo)
I'm lost in myself
Stuck in a hole of purgatorial gold
Get motion sickness when I stand up and move
So I stay seated and feel like there is nothing to do
But I hold on and hope that I can pull through

I'm looking up at these people with success in their pockets
And a name to parade
Because they sharpen their blade and make sure not to fade
And then there's me
Just sittin' back
Watching with envy
Hoping something ascends me
And the people commend me
Cause I wanna make a living but my effort prevents me

I don't wanna share what I feel is incomplete to me or subpar
But then I never have a thing to show
Cause everything that I've been doing's in development hell
And there's no way to tell if I'll get finished or not
Cause there's a spot in every song where I get caught and get stuck in a block
Then I just stop

Hey who's this guy
No one's ever heard of you
It's kinda hard to make a name when you don't finish what you do
Maybe if I had the time and extra money to spare
Would I find the motivation
Would it help take me there

Am I broken, am I lazy
Does it seem crazy to say that I am set on the idea that I can turn this around
But the stress and frustration keeps on bringing me down

I got
I've set
The plot
It's all
I've got
But it don't write itself
One day
I want
To show
I'm not
And say
I made it all the way

Too many times I've had words but don't know how to say it
Too many times I would start something and never make it
Visual accompaniments
Without the skill to present
My intent is never recognized and buried again

I got the groundwork and blueprints
But got no money to do it
Avoiding assets from the show in fear that Hasbro might sue it
No understanding of labels and law
No ability to draw
I ain't got a tablet, just a pen in my hand
And wishing on a star
Racking my brain
I try to keep myself from going insane
From the pain of working overnight and every day
At a fast food chain
Trying my best not to complain
But the strain, it's got me hooked up on a ball and a chain
And man I hate it but I gotta get paid
And let me take a minute just to explain
It's hard to balance working double-time writing rhymes
Man I wish I had a little more downtime